We are Eternal Sun.

We wake up every day to assure the world of solar performance. We build high-end simulators that make sunlight. We also provide inspection and testing services in the global solar supply chain. And with solar being well on it’s way to become the world’s leading energy source, we believe that certainty is needed. In the end, nobody likes to waste energy. We are sure about solar. We’d like you to be too.

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Assure the world of solar performance.

We did it with the Nuna 4 Solar Car.
We do it with our industry leading flashers and light soakers.
We do it with our solar inspection and test services.
We do it for the world’s best research labs.
We do it for the world’s leading solar module producers.
We do it for solar power producers around the world.

We don’t go light on promises.

We help our customers to achieve the highest degree of measurement certainty and getting the highest return from their solar investments. Our test setups address the specific needs of technologies like PERC, IBC, HJT, Perovskite, CdTe and are fully capable of handling of bifacial, half-cut cell, shingled and large modules.

Applications for our products

Accurate and repeatable power measurements

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One thing’s for sure. Solar energy is here to stay.

“We don’t exactly know where solar is going, but we know we’ll make it work.”

Stefan Roest, founder and CTO

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Eternal Sun is a leading manufacturer of solar simulators for measuring the performance and reliability of PV modules. We provide PV import testing in the ports of Rotterdam and Valencia and Factory Inspections in China and South-East Asia.

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