7 July 2020

Press Release | Mitsui Chemicals becomes NABL accredited lab with Eternalsun Spire Equipment


Solar PV Lab becomes NABL accredited lab capable to test high efficiency PV modules with Eternalsun Spire.

Mitsui Chemicals India – Solar PV Lab is based in Ahmedabad and offers a wide spectrum of services for “Ensuring Quality from Factory to Field” in partnership with technical advisor PI Berlin based in Germany. This lab is furnished with state-of-the art equipment which are technologically advanced to perform testing of all commercially available module technologies in the current Solar PV market.

Mitsui Chemicals – Solar PV Lab has now received NABL accreditation to test high efficiency PV modules including PERC and Bi-facial modules. After analyzing all the sun simulators available across the globe, the lab has chosen Eternalsun Spire’s Xenon based high accuracy, single long pulse, wide 300-1200nm with >99% SPectral Coverage (SPC) (IEC 60904-9 Ed3) spectrum A+A+A+ flasher for testing of high efficiency modules including Bi-facial and PERC technology. Also, this world-class lab trusted Eternalsun Spire’s Steady-State Large Area Sun Simulator, to perform Stabilization, LID and Hot Spot Endurance Test according to IEC 61215 and temperature test according to IEC 61730.

Mr. Puneet Kumar Maurya, Lab manager of Mitsui Chemicals – Solar PV Lab, says: ”As a part of a Japanese conglomerate, we always give emphasis to ensure quality and become trustworthy partner to customers. We are very pleased to add the Xenon-based Single Long Pulse flasher as well as at Steady-State solar simulator from Eternalsun Spire to our PV lab. As we have a vision to emerge as one of the best consulting and testing services provider, it enables us to test all current and future PV modules with the highest measurement precision”.

Mr. Pepijn Veling, Sales director of Eternalsun Spire, comments: “Our goal is to contribute to the trust in the solar industry In India by enabling global labs such as Mitsui to offer the highest degree of measurement control & certainty to PV module buyers and manufacturers in India. We are very pleased with the trust we receive from Mitsui Chemicals confirming the value we bring to PV labs in India.”