26 May 2020

Webinar | 태양광 How to accurately test Floating & Bifacial PV modules Korea 확인

We invite you to our next webinar on "How to accurately test Floating & Bifacial PV modules", in collaboration with the Korean Testing Center (KTC)

This webinar was already held


  • Why ensuring the quality of floating & bifacial PV modules is important
  • Types of tests to characterize floating & bifacial PV modules (standards, norms, etc.)
  • Infrastructure needed to accurately test floating & bifacial PV modules The webinar will be given in Korean and in English.



신 정 현 (Jeong-Hyun Shin)
Chief Researcher & IEC/TC82 WG2 member @한국기계전기전자시험연구원 (PV module Testing Lab KTC - Korea Testing Certification)

Elias Garcia Goma
Sales Manager Korea & IEC/TC82 WG2 member @Eternalsun Spire

서동욱 (Desmond Seo)
President of Dongwoo DNS @Dongwoo DNS