9 April 2020

INES obtains 230ms Single Long Pulse Xenon Flasher from Eternalsun Spire

to decrease measurement uncertainty and increase testing speed of photovoltaic module technologies

INES is a world leader in R&D for solar technologies aiming to increase efficiency and lifetime of PV technologies and systems. Important aspect of INES’s research activities is measurement of new innovative technologies, which demand advanced testing set ups. After carefully investigating the available options, the institute has selected the Long Tube Xenon based Single Long Pulse of Eternalsun Spire as the technology of preference for accurate and fast measurement of the performance of all PV module types and technologies.

The 230ms single and stable pulse enables accurate and fast measurements of performance parameters of high capacitive modules without software corrections or multiflash. A+A+A+ class illumination of the system during the wide and stable spectrum range from 300 to 1200nm ensures accurate measurements. Repeatability of both the technology as well as the testing procedures allows highly repeatable measurements. The system also allows measurement of bifacial PV modules. The system can be upgraded with a temperature control add on to perform accurate measurement coefficients and energy rating.

  • Mr. Yannick Veschetti, Head of PV module & OPV division of INES comments:  ''We are very pleased to add the Singe Long Pulse solar simulator from Eternalsun Spire in our PV lab. The use of 230ms sweep length makes it possible to have measurement differences between forward and reverse <1% for all types of module technologies such as BSF, PERC HJT and IBC”.
  • Mr. Pepijn Veling, Sales director of Eternalsun Spire, comments: “Our goal is to contribute to the development and growth of the solar industry by enabling the highest degree of measurement control & certainty to top laboratories around the world. The trust we receive from INES CEA confirms the value we bring to our customers.”