29 July 2020

Eternalsun Spire offers its proven BBA steady-state solar simulator to PV laboratories around the world, to meet IEC norms and market needs

A cost-effective way to perform stabilization (MQT 19), hotspot endurance test (MQT 09) and temperature test (MST 21) in a single set up.

As soon as PV modules are installed in the field, they begin to degrade. This has consequences in the amount of energy generated during a module’s lifetime and it is also related to safety issues. To prevent these issues from appearing in the field, IEC 61215 and IEC 61730 include three tests that PV modules must pass before commercialization. These are the stabilization test (MQT 19), the hotspot endurance test (MQT 09) and the temperature (safety) test (MST 21).

These tests require large amount of time and two different set ups, therefore, PV module test labs around the world are forced to spend large amount of budget and resources to fulfil them. This situation causes delays to their certification projects and sometimes labs are forced to outsource such testing which is rather costly as well.

To meet the IEC and market need for increased stabilization, hotspot and safety tests in a cost-effective way and in a single set up, Eternalsun Spire now makes the thoroughly tested and proven BBA steady state solar simulator available to all test and certification laboratories. The BBA light soaker utilizes the proven steady state light technology of Eternalsun Spire which is successfully in use by certification labs for 10 years. The high throughput design of 2 or more modules, allows our customers to increase their testing capacity to be able to meet current and future IEC norms and market needs in a cost-effective way, reducing costs while maximizing revenue.


steady state solar simulator for PV modules