21 July 2020

Eternalsun Spire makes affordable UV testing available to solar laboratories around the world

Increasing module sizes together with an IEC demand for higher testing doses are leading to a shortage of UV testing capacity globally. Eternalsun Spire has managed to meet the new market demands in a cost-effective way by upgrading the UV cube designed by PI Berlin.

Ultra Violet (UV) irradiation is one of the main contributors to PV module degradation. Therefore, IEC decided to put more emphasis on UV testing as part of module certification. IEC 61215 and IEC 61730:2016 editions require increased UV preconditioning doses of in total 165KWh, an almost 4 times increase from previous IEC editions.

As a consequence, PV module test labs around the world are running into capacity issues. Next to that increasing module sizes are making some of their UV testing capacity obsolete. This delays certification projects or forces them to find expensive outsourcing solutions. New equipment is typically overdesigned and costly.

Eternalsun Spire now made the thoroughly tested and proven UV Cube available to the market at a very competitive price level. The UV Cube was originally designed by PI Berlin and has been successfully used in multiple labs. The UV cube comes in a 2, 4 or 6 (larger size) modules design.


UV chamber for UV preconfitioning test of PV modules