25 July 2023

Eternal Sun introduces the next generation LED steady state solar simulator

Welcome to the Future of PV Testing with Eternal Sun's LED-Based Steady-State Solar Simulator!

At Eternal Sun, we are excited to unveil our latest breakthrough to the world – our cutting-edge LED-based steady-state lightsource. While this product marks a new chapter for the general public, it carries with it a rich history deeply embedded in our company's roots. In 2010, we started our journey with the development of steady-state light to enable precise measurement of thin film PV technologies requiring continuous illumination. Now, in 2023, we proudly return to our origins, bringing the pinnacle of PV testing technology to the global market.

Not a New Product, But a Proven Legacy: Our LED-based steady-state lightsource may be new to many, but it is far from new to us. More than a decade ago, we installed our first AAA class steady-state solar simulator, setting the stage for innovation and progress in PV testing . Recognizing the immense potential of LED technology for steady-state application, we upgraded our system five years ago, solidifying our position as pioneers in the field.

We take immense pride in having installed and having orders for approximately 80 advanced steady-state light systems at esteemed institutes and manufacturers, specifically those leading the charge in thin-film and tandems/perovskite research and pilot production. Our clients' trust and satisfaction are a testament to our unwavering commitment to excellence.

The tool offers a multitude of advantages that make it an indispensable tool for research and quality control labs. Let's explore the key benefits:

  • A+A+A+ Light Classification: The LED Solar Simulator boasts the highest light classification of A+A+A+ for both flash and steady state applications. This ensures precise and accurate measurements, allowing for reliable testing and validation of PV technologies.
  • Wide & Tunable Spectrum: The simulator's wide and tunable spectrum empowers researchers to match the unique spectral characteristics of various PV technologies, including tandem matching. This flexibility fosters innovation and drives advancements in solar cell and module development.
  • Long-Lasting LED Lamp: With a remarkable 50,000-hour LED lamp lifetime, the simulator ensures extended usage and reduced maintenance costs, providing consistent and reliable performance over an extended period.
  • Temperature Control: The temperature control feature, spanning from 15°C to 85°C, provides an optimal testing environment, allowing users to assess the impact of varying temperatures on PV technologies accurately. This is crucial for understanding performance under real-world conditions.
  • Trusted by Leading PV Labs & Manufacturers: The simulator's reputation for excellence has made it the preferred choice of renowned PV labs and manufacturers worldwide. Its validation by industry leaders attests to its reliability and accuracy in delivering precise results.

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LED steady state solar simulator with temperature control for PV module testing